Making the intangible tangible.

Brand management costs money. A lot of money. The majority is invested in communication. However, this communication often fails to deliver the promise a brand carries. Therefore, Free your brand comes into play whereever customers can experience the brand. Hence, embracing nothing less than all such touchpoints! Not only conventional marketing channels like advertising, media, Internet and social media but expanding it the brand experience to product and service design, contact with sales and customer services or within the retail market. With my credo »Making the Intangible Tangible«  I try to liberate your brand from classic marketing and advertisement perspective and establish it

as an integral tool of the management strategy. A tool able to answer two simple questions: What does my company/product/service stand for? What is the promise our brand delivers to costumers?

This brand promise cannot replace a business strategy, but can build up on it and in turn become clear, transparent and to all stakeholders. Furthermore, a clear alignment of an organization with its brand can ensure high quality while promoting efficiency among employees and motivating them. That´s the only way that people can experienceyour brand promise at all relevant touchpoints on the entire customer journey. When activating the touchpoints I rely on the principle of Empathizipation©, the synthesis of empathy and anticipation.