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References in alphabetical order:

Siemens – Imagine the brand of a global company over 165years old, fueled with technology and innovation, but many only knewabout the consumer side of the business. At Siemens we needed a newoutside-in approach to help people understand the full breadth and depth of ourinventiveness and the impact we had on hundreds of millions of lives everyday. We needed to revitalize the Siemens brand.That’s a kind of a special challenge and we asked Peter Baumgartner to set up this very important program “Revitalize the Siemens brand” with us. He complemented our team with brand insights and best practices from other companies, which was very helpful in the exploration of suitable scenarios for Siemens. Peter’s open and collaborative style was most appreciated and helped us move forward. His creativity, business smarts, entrepreneurial spirit and branding expertise supported us to set up the right process to reload the brand especially fitting a global matrix organization. Another asset of Peter is that he has worked for both, Corporates and Agencies, meaning he can provide valuable insights on getting the best out of the relationship. This competencies helped us to select the best agency for a Brand Audit and Brand Strategy. Peter accompanied us also through this pitch process.

Mag. Birgit Berthold-Kremser, Senior Vice President Corporate Branding and Communication, Swarovski AG, Wattens

"For me, Peter Baumgartner is THE branding expert in Austria. He combines an excellent feeling for the essentials of a specific brand and its positioning with the right skills for the implementation of a brand promise at all touch points. He believes in the close relationship of brand and business strategy – a key factor for the success of excellent brands.With the co-development of our new brand strategy as the basis for our “Wie ich will-Prinzip” he has proven his skills. However Peter is not only a brand expert he is also an accomplished manager. During his time at Austrian Airlines Peter Baumgartner was responsible for the cabin crews and the entire product management - a challenging task which forced his management skills due to over 2000 employees and the involvement of the workers council. He has perfectly fulfilled this role."
Dr. Andreas Bierwirth, CEO Magenta Telekom GmbH

"Ulli Helm*) and Peter Baumgartner supported us in a targeet-oriented manner during the strategy update to create a consistent and accepted mission statement. Many thanks for the very positive support during this challenging task.


Ulli Helm is a strategy consultant in Vienna. I enjoy working with her for many times. At  Post AG among others.


Manuela Bruck, Executive Vice President Corporate Communications, Customer Initiatives and Customer Service & 

Dr. Andreas Thöni, Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy, Digital and Innovation, Österreichische Post AG


Working with Peter Baumgartner is a real asset: many years of experience in various industries, critical thinker, always challenging, at the point and "board fit". In our brand project he was my ideal sparring partner.



Mag. Barbara Enzinger, Head Marketing-Communications,  Clay Building Materials Europe, Wienerberger AG  

"One of the best in his field in Austria, if not THE best."  






Mag. Martin Hehemann, former VP Coporate Communications at Kommunalkredit AG, Vienna


"In a time when Siemens Austria evolved from a regional player in Austria to a cluster entrepreneur in CEE and in the public perception from a grey mouse to a high-tech company, Peter Baumgartner was head of corporate communications. His creativity and ability to motivate his staff contributed substantially towards succeeding in this Transition."

Dipl. Ing. Dr.h.c. Albert Hochleitner, CEO Siemens Austria & CEE, ret.

"Our paths have crossed again. We got to know Peter Baumgartner as profound and constructive supervisoryboard member of Airplus. The project of sharpening of our brand promise and activating the »AirPlus« brand reunited us again. We especially appreciate Peters holistic approach, his knowledge and creativity. In addition, his network is extremely helpful for AirPlus. However, personal talks are still the most important basis for our cooperation!"

Hanno Kirsch & Dr. Wolfgang Schneider, CEOs AirPlus Air Travel Card VertriebsgmbH

"I have been working with Peter Baumgartner again and again for over 7 years. In doing so, I learned to appreciate his holistic view, his creative inputs and his ability to implement and execute."

Mag. Silvia Kaupa-Götzl, LL.M., Managing Director ÖBB Postbus GmbH



"Producing good advertising is not hard: you just do it. It´s actually harder to get it »on air«. Therefore you need a partner on the customer side able to identify good advertisement as such. With Peter Baumgartner we found that perfect partner for us. Our joint campaign received several awards and mastered the challenge of internationality and digital medias."

Josef Koinig, CEO Jung von Matt Donau, Advertising Agency

Excellent specialist knowledge, great experience, holistic thinking, the ability to listen to and approach others, a portion of fine humor - these are the qualities that come to mind when working with Peter Baumgartner. He knows what he is talking about and this knowledge makes him an excellent partner for our agency. And he cannot be bent when it comes to his expertise and his conviction in a brand process. He is consistent with his recommendations, speaks plain text, but always at eye level. That makes him strong and that strengthens our cooperation with him. I'm already looking forward to the next projects with him. "
Christian Kollmann, CEO and owner of Communication Matters

Working with Peter Baumgartner is always a pleasure. Peter Baumgartner convinced us most of all with his extensive knowledge of customer experience. His experience in dealing with railway-specific procurement processes was also invaluable to our new vehicle procurement. Through his professional attitude with external suppliers and partners, he supported our internal team in the bidder negotiations and accelerated many processes. He also supported us in creating a CAT design book for new vehicles. Peter Baumgartner is always an active and extremely reliable partner when it comes to finding good brand-specific solutions.

Mag. (FH) Christoph Korherr and Mag. Michael Forstner, Managing Directors of City Airport Train CAT

Peter Baumgartner accompanied us in the pitch process for a new creative agency and enriched it enormously with his expertise. He knows the industry like no other and supports the process not only with his expertise, but also with pragmatism, flexibility and solution orientation. We have learned to value him very much as a valuable sparring partner.


Christine Neubauer, Leitung Brand-, Productmanagement & Strategy, jö Bonus Clubs

"A great communicator with an unerring sense of what moves the recipient and how to get to him successfully. I had many discussions with Peter Baumgartner on the use of media and their specific role in people's lives. What sets him apart is his extensive knowledge and holistic approach. The rapid technological developments and their relevance to humans are an exciting debate, in which he especially sees creative opportunities. He manages the daily practical work with pragmatism - always aiming to achieve the best economic advantage. The basis of his work: Partnership and trust for constructive and productive cooperation."

Dr. Elisabeth Ochsner, former CEO UM PanMedia

"In my opinion Peter Baumgartner represents the ideal mix of creative and innovative ideas and reliable professional implementation. Due to his talent he learned early to handle great challenges, with SAT.1 in Germany, with Siemens in communication, with Ogilvy or Austrian Airlines. Always focused and customized to the goal he provided each company new impulses that leaded to significant progress. If he now devotes to brand management, I will continue to enjoy working with him in the future, as he always helped me to succeed."
Franz Prenner, former CEO ORF Enterprise

"work hard – he does.
earn money – he can.
have fun – not many have as much as he does
Working with Peter Baumgartner is creative, effective and a pleasure!"



Dr. Barbara Rett, Culture Grande dame

Peter Baumgartner and his PITCH-PROS partners Schramm Öhler Rechtsanwälte accompanied our large-scale procurement tender for the new communicative 360 degree presence of the VERBUND Group, which bundles relevant activities of the individual business and corporate divisions, in an extremely professional and pleasant manner supported us over long stretches of the process with his profound knowledge and negotiating skills. After initial experiences working with our new agency consortium Newton, we are very satisfied with the way our newly set up Brand Control Center works, the new way of collaboration from Client and agency network as well as the previous outcomes of the creative processes."


Mag. Monika Riedel, Head of Corporate Communication VERBUND AG


"Peter is very experienced, versatile and has the often sought-after hands-on quality. While others are still thinking about how it doesn't work, he already has the  solution.
Speaking of hands: a handshake is enough and agreements are made.
We come from the same stable. We are both fellows of Prof. Günter Schweiger. We therefore speak the same language in many ways."
Dr. Stefan Schiel, Managing Director Marketmind GmbH

"What I appreciated most while working with Peter Baumgartner is that he as a creative professional is also down to earth. A pragmatic, who combines good ideas with cost awareness."




Mag. Peter Schönhofer, CEO of M + W Group

"Dr. Peter Baumgartner has been a lecturer for brand management and integrated brand communication at the Danube University Krems since 2018. The brand strategist Dr. Peter Baumgartner has already created, changed and accompanied many well-known brands. His extensive experience enriches his practice-oriented courses Best practice examples and know-how that students can bring to their companies and Mr. Baumgartner is a valued sparring partner for our Students."
Dr. Gertraud Schrattenecker, head of the university courses "Marketing and Sales" and "Marketing Management & Digitization" at the Danube University Krems

"I supervised Peter Baumgartner, when he wrote his master thesis and therefore followed his career with great interest. The common thread running through all his working life is the topic brand. His comprehensive understanding of the brand puts the experience of the brand for the customer in the center. Additionally, he takes great care to provide a solid theoretical base in his work."

 Univ. Prof. Dr. Günter Schweiger, President of WWG (Association of Austrian Advertising Sciences) 

I appreciate Peter Baumgartner's proactive way of working, his solution orientation, his fast response time, his unbureaucratic access to tasks and his flexibility. It is not only very pleasant, but also very efficient to work with him.

Karin Seywald-Czihak, CEO ÖBB-Werbung GmbH

Working with Peter Baumgartner in corporate communications at T-Mobile Austria / Magenta Telekom was creative, efficient, hands-on, professional, always successful - and personally a pleasure. Peter put the magenta brand in the spotlight excellently in projects such as the conception and implementation of the gala for the T-Mobile environmental and sustainability awards or breakout sessions in the business talks of the European Forum Alpbach.
His particular strength is the realization of the respective projects on his own responsibility, which has both strengthened our capacities and enriched our communication. In doing so, I learned to appreciate the excellent cooperation between Peter and my team as well as his multi-faceted brand and marketing experience, which ranged from the idea to the proposal of the right top speaker to the planning, production and operational implementation of events. After many years of this work I can say: I am a fan of Peter Baumgartner.
Helmut Spudich, author and journalist, until 2019 company spokesman and Vice President Corporate Communications & Responsibility, Magenta Telekom / T-Mobile Austria.


"Brand orientation is, in my view in an increasingly complex world THE critical issue for businesses - no matter what industry. I have met Peter Baumgartner as particularly eloquent and technically very skilled professional who uses the construct brand to align all relevant business processes and enables all stakeholders to experience the brand values."

Dr. Petra Stolba, CEO Austrian Tourism Board

 “As a former head of marketing at Austrian Airlines or Siemens, he knows how corporations work, and as a consultant he is a beacon who provides orientation for communication and brand issues. In his many years of professional experience, he has developed a specialty that no one can do better: events for anniversaries. He develops clever and tailor-made concepts and knows how to implement them well. What sets him apart? The view of the big picture, the attention to detail and his enthusiasm for implementation. Thanks to Peter Baumgartner, the “100 Years of ÖBB” event will be fondly remembered by 6,000 visitors and others will be disappointed that they weren’t there.” 

Mag. Peter N. Thier, Head of Communications & Brand Austrian Federal Railways

"Peter Baumgartner has a very comprehensive understanding of the brand and elevates it to a central task for the management. His often unorthodox and creative ideas and practices always inspire and motivate me to rethink and find new ways to go. And yet Peter Baumgartner never forgets about the strategic relevance and the central position of an integrated brand management. His credo »strong brands and strong companies belong together, this is the only way to secure corporate and financial success«."
Michael Vagedes, Member of the Board German Marketing Association, President Marketing Club Hamburg, CEO & Owner VAGEDES & SCHMID GmbH